October 14 + 15 + 16, 2016


About Artrageous Weekend

Artrageous Weekend is committed to the thriving art and cultural scene present in Columbia, Missouri. A recognized and well-respected platform for local artists, Artrageous Weekend unites, promotes and celebrates organizations motivated by the experience and prosperity of the arts. 

With support from our sponsors and through collaboration with more than 20 local businesses and restaurants, we have organized an entire weekend of artistic experience, participation and celebration right in the heart of Mid-Missouri. 

The weekend begins on Friday with the traditional self-guided gallery crawl throughout The District and continues on Saturday with a variety of interactive and educational activities and demonstrations. Performance artist and restaurant collaborations conclude the weekend on Sunday with musical or artistic brunches.

Kate Gunn, Executive Director


We pair our premium members with local restaurant and beverage partners to provide event participants with free refreshments and allow for collaborative art efforts throughout the weekend.

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Artrageous Weekend provides a unique and supportive environment for everyone
to explore and contribute to Columbia’s diverse arts and community.
If you’re interested in uniting, promoting and celebrating organizations motivated by the experience and
prosperity of the arts, there are several ways to become involved with Artrageous Weekend.

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For more information, please contact Artrageous Weekend Executive Director Kate Gunn at